Weedless Jig head

Weedless Jig head

This weedless jig head features a wide gape, ultra sharp hook. The shank is cranked to neatly hold lures in position whilst protecting the hook point from debris/snags.


We originally sourced this product for use with the Magic Worm, and two years on they are still the perfect combination. However, these heads are also ideal for use with shad profiled baits of 60-80mm (3.5gm)/ 70-100mm (5gm)  when you want to fish them over emerging weeds or across snaggy areas. Saltwater anglers have also used these to great effect when targeting bass, pollock and wrasse in kelp strewn rock marks.  


3 jigheads per pack, lures not included.  

  • Product tips

    -Why not try this jighead fished with a Candy Shad to cover snaggy areas?

    -If its ultra snaggy, keep the hook point buried in the plastic to minimise losses. If fishing in lighter cover try fishing 'Texposed' to increase the hook up ratio.