The Baitfish Shad 90mm

The Baitfish Shad 90mm

The Baitfish Shad is our most realistic soft lure yet! It features lifelike colours to match UK preyfish species and fine detailing such as a raised scale pattern, as well as fin, eye and gill detailing . 


However, its the shape that makes this 90mm lure so deadly. The combination of a deep belly and narrow body design give the lure an amazing wobble on the retrieve and even small twitches result in a 'keeling' action that predators cannot resist. In test's the Baitfish Shad scored heavily for pike, zander and large perch on various waters. Rigging is simple, by mounting on a standard jighead to quickly cover water. Or, try this likelike lure with a larger weight when fishing vertical/palagic style from the boat.  


Each pack contains 2 Baitfish Shad of one colour.  


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