The Alien Jig, 105mm, 11gm.

The Alien Jig, 105mm, 11gm.


Skirted jigs have been a favourite of Inspred Angling owner Julian Chidgey since he saw them in a US magazine in the mid 90's. Ultra versatile, they are equally at home being buzzed quickly high in the water column when searching for fish, Or bounced over weed and heavy snags thanks to the adjustable weedguard.


Julian then started adding trailers and after much testing found the Pike E Shad to be the perfect combination. Not only are these lures absolute killers for pike of all sizes, but they have also proven highly effective for zander and big perch.  


The lure comes with the matching pattern Pike E shad fitted 'ready to fish'.   


  • Product Tips

    Try this lure when you want to fish into the deepest of cover, the built in weedguard will keep you out of trouble!

    Add some Krill and Cray booster to the packet as this will be absorbed by the skirt and the shad, boosting the attraction of the lure.