Snack Shad 38mm

Snack Shad 38mm

The 38mm Snack Shad is our go to finesse/LRF lure. Whether its LRF saltwater work or catching perch in competition conditions this is the micro-lure to turn to. The segmented body giving an irresistable action. 


This versatile lure can be fished in a number of ways but we have had great results fishing this little paddle tail on drop shot rigs or mounting it on our 2gm Wasp Weight jig heads.  

  • Product Tips

    -Try adding some of our Krill and Cray booster to the packet, this really boosts the results with this lure when using static or slow retrieve methods such as drop shot.

    -The vivid patterns are great for coloured water and low light, whilst the natural colours are perfect for clear water or bright conditions.