Ripple Candy Shad 55mm

Ripple Candy Shad 55mm


The Ripple Shad has proved to be a great all rounder. At 55mm its the perfect size for perch, and other smaller predators whether targeting fresh or saltwater. The soft material used results in a very strong swimming action, whilst the narrow body profile often draws more takes on difficult days.   


The Ripple Shad matches perfectly with our Size 2 3gm Jighead, and is also a highly effective dropshot lure. Try the brighter, bold colours in coloured water or low light whilst the more subtle patterns excel in clear water.  3 lures per pack per colour or get a variety pack of 1lure of each colour. 



  • Product Tips

    Try this lure in deep or fast water situations as it doesnt 'ride up' in the water column thanks to its slim profile. 

    Enjoy saltwater fishing? Try the Ripple Shad in the natural patterns for wrasse, pollock and bass.