Krill and Cray booster

Krill and Cray booster

During the development of the Magic Worm, we started to trial boosters made of natural ingredients which could be used especially for slow retrieve technique methods such as drop-shot and Ned rigs. 


Needless to say a number of products were tried but this blend really stood out! Since this time, we have seen some great catches reported by customers using this additive. A common theme being that the swim had already been fished with unflavoured lures previously and that the switch bought an immediate response. Ryan Dabbs 3lb 10oz perch (See pictures above) being a great example of this.


Only natural products are used in this booster, so you can even add it to natural baits or mixes. Supplied in a safe, resealable 4ml capsule.


  • Product Tips

    -You can add this booster to any of our foil packed lures, this will allow them to absorb the flavour.

    -A little goes a long way, just a smear can make a real difference to your results.

    -Its not just a 'perch thing', LRF anglers and those targeting larger wrasse have all reported great results using this product.