Candy Shad 120mm

Candy Shad 120mm

The original Candy Shad has been one of our biggest selling lures, and has caught many amazing fish. For some time now, those who prefer bigger lures have been asking for a scaled up version and here it is! We have been careful to keep all the key features of the original using an ultra soft material that produces a sinuous action on even the slowest retrieve, and retaining the the belly and back hook slots to allow for various presentations.   


After extensive testing 4 killer colours have been chosen to cover all situations. Whether casting for pike, vertical fishing for zander or even tackling bass and pollock this new size will add another great chapter to the Candy Shad story. 



  • Product Tips

    -Try mounting these on one of our weedless hooks and a small Cheb weight for twitching over emerging weed beds.

    -The super soft material means even the smallest movement results in action being imparted to the lure. Try fishing these vertically for zander from the boat, or twitiching across the bottom when casting from the bank. 

    -In testing this size proved an absolute killer for bass, especially when paired with a texas style rig and allowed to bounce across rocky gullies or estuaries.