3gm Round Jighead

3gm Round Jighead

This round bodied jighead is a simple, effective head for mounting soft plastics of 55-85mm. Featuring a lead head, and ultra sharp medium wire hook it wont let you down.  The 3gm head covers so many situations for shallow water venues such as canals, drains and some stillwaters or when fishing high in the water coloumn.  


It was only whilst testing this product that we started to look at the cost of competitiors jigheads! We were amazed to find similar products costing £1 or more each, at just £1.99 for 5 this product represents real value for money for the angler.


Images show the Round jighead matched with a 60mm Pike E Shad and a 70mm Perch Candy shad as an example of possible presentations.



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