• Sam Delasalle

My Way with the Magic Worm, by Sam Delasalle.

Using the Magic Worm has been a revelation in my finesse style of soft lure fishing. The Magic Worm is a ultra- realistic imitation of a Lobworm, making it suitable for targeting many species.

One of the key features of this lure is how buoyant and durable they are. Being made from a TRP compound they can stretch many times their own length without ripping or snapping. Yet, retain a softness that allows them to ’fold’ into a fishes mouth and provides a high degree of movement.

So what is the best way to rig and fish these lures? As with all things lure fishing the best method varies hour to hour, day to day. However, as a basic guide rigging them on the Inspired Angling weed less jig head is a great method for creeping them along the bottom in cold or tough conditions. The lure sits upright on the bottom, and the tail comes to life with each twitch. Adding the Krill and Cray booster can also give you a real edge when practising these ‘slow retrieve’ methods.

When looking for a little more movement, try using a Cheb head set up. This method has proven deadly for working the Magic Worm across areas of flow such as weir pools. In fact, some anglers have even added barbel and tench to the usual predatory species when fishing in this way! Finally, don’t ignore a simple split shot rig which can prove deadly especially when dropping this lure into the snaggy hidey holes of big chub.

Colour wise, the natural patterns such as Natural Lob and Glitter have proven a killer in clearer water conditions. Whilst a switch to bold colours such as White or Red has often paid off in coloured water or low light.

Since the Magic Worms were been released in 2018, I’ve had a couple of captures that really stand out. One being a stunning perch of 3lb 15oz from a local river. The other being a surprise pike of 22lb, which I had to follow along the canal towpath for about 400 metres before I could land it on my light perch gear!

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